You choose what kind of style of your home

* Security - last but by no means least, is safe. The single thing, it makes your house is a paradise, but not in the day into the burning hell you how to make your home safe. The danger everywhere in your house, you may be exposed to earthquake, fire, mountain landslides, severe weather, thieves, etc. That is the comfort of your own small corner, always be sure not to ignore the security. In the choice of how to decorate your home some things are necessary: * Personal style - the look of your home, do not adapt to something that is not on your behalf. Try to give something special, your house can not be found elsewhere, the interesting thing is that things you are passionate. This is the real soul of your home. "The house is made of wood and stone, but only love can make a family." . * Function - your home, you need the functionality in order to provide you with better access to different objects and provocation should not be like a maze. Keep it simple, this is the layout of the structure of the most important things at home. This is a sentimental place, and that is part of your life. Therefore, this place must have a fully decorated, so that you can have a good time and feel comfortable. Because it is so important, you can not let this decorative work, in the hands of anyone. Likely to tell you what is good and what is not suitable for the site of the home design, but it is actually you. This is your house and your life, no one can really determine your place affect you. Your house is something special. This is the place where you live, where you find warmth and safety, housing, and so much more. * Creative - your guests impressed, if your "crib" seems not seen. It provides a good impression, and the fact that you are serious creative aspects. You choose what kind of style of your home, what kind of theme, age or background, it represents you in one way or another. Attempt to shock is an interesting topic, because trying to shock others may have unpredictable effects, if you try to impress your way rather than individuals.